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In order for us to send you the Medal you have earned, or issue your Digital medal and so that you can be entered on the Trooper Leader Board please read and follow the instructions below how to complete your declaration and submit your evidence: 

  1. Evidence is checked for all submissions.  Only make a declaration for the Military in Motion virtual challenge/programme/race/run that you have entered and that is detailed on your original order confirmation and that you have participated in and completed.

  2. Please use the correct Military in Motion order number in your declaration.  This can be found in the order confirmation email sent to your registered email address at the time of your purchase.  If you cannot locate it, please contact us.

  3.  Do not make a declaration without your order number.  We are unable to process submissions with incorrect order numbers.

  4. Please make your declaration by the deadline date.  Declarations received after this time will not be verified and you will miss out on your medal.

  5.  Please only make one declaration for each Military in Motion virtual challenge/programme/virtual race/run.  Please contact us if you are unsure we have received your submission.

  6. Name your Activity on Strava the same as the virtual race/run, and please tag @militaryinmotion  in the activity comments. 

  7.  Provide Strava profile ID and photographic evidence of you completing virtual challenge/programme/race/run in the form of image(s)/screen shots of the time(s)/and your participation

We aim to process all declarations within days of the deadline date and get your shiny medal out to you as soon as we can so you can proudly show it off to your friends and on Social Media.


Dame Kelly Holmes - Troop Leader

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