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Please complete every field in this form in order to submit. You will need your Order Number which your find on the Sales Confirmation email that we sent you when you signed up, or in the My Orders area of your profile. The deadline date for submission is in the Challenge description when you purchased your challenge.  *required

Please upload fitness tracker details for each week - you can obtain these from Strava/Garmin connect own website via training logs

Upload Images (JPEG/PNG Format)
Upload Video Images (MP4/MOV/AVI)

​​Please be patient when uploading Videos and do not navigate from this page until you get the Success message, it make take a short while to upload your videos.

I have completed the requirements of the above named challenge, and would like to claim my Millitary In Motion Medal.  Medals will be sent out at the end of the challenge, once evidence has been verified.

Your content has been submitted

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